My Girls Are Beasts!

I think that is how the kids say it these days isn't it? They are Beasts!

My two daughters and I went out for a 3+ mile run and just ran until the watch said 3 miles and then ran home. We finished at 3.3 miles. This was the fastest Ashlee has run this distance. She kept all three miles under 10 minutes, and had an overall pace of 9:35. :)

The kicker was that it rained on us steadily the entire run..... luckily it wasn't too cold at the very nice 57 degrees. Truth be told I was thinking that I was going to get some negative feedback (nice way of saying complaining) from one if not both of them but I didn't hear any. Now, we all three talked about it, but there was no reluctance to running at all.

Tomorrow we are all getting into a new schedule. For the girls it is the first official track practice so they will both be running with their team after school. For me that means I will have very few opportunities to run with them other than the weekend longer runs. This is both good and bad. I will miss running with them, but it will allow me to get back to my personal routine of morning running, and will allow me to kick up my mileage as well as my speed work. I have used the training with my daughters as an excuse to not do these two things as much as I should be.

Stay tuned for my plans for upcoming races - I have not been focusing on my own running/training, but rather my girls, so I have not been thinking races as much lately..... but that will change now.