The 20 miler that wasn't

Today was supposed to be my first 20 miler of the marathon training..... but it wasn't.  I was, however, happy to get a 5 mile mostly pain free run in though.  If you haven't read my previous post from earlier this week I have been dealing with a very tight, somewhat injured, calf since last weeks 19 miler.
The miles have been way down this past week, but I have managed to get out every other day for at least 2 miles.  Each day the calf felt much better and I think I am ready to start ramping up the mileage a little bit over the next couple days.  I will still take it easy so I don't end up with a re-lapse though.
It has been difficult as I really love to run and so much like to stay on schedule.  It does affect the rest of my life, and for that I have to make an open appology to my kids and especially my wife, and thank them for putting up with me when I get grouchy because I cannot run.

I don't think this will affect my marathon training much at all since I am still about 6 weeks (and many more 20 milers) away from race day, however I have given up any hope or aspirations of PRing again this year at the 13.1 Marathon this next Sunday.  I do think I will still be able to run it, I just don't think I will be racing it.

I am happy to say things are looking up!

How do you deal with not being able to run?  Does it make you irritable like it does me?

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