Run for your life

This past Wednesday morning was like any other morning.  I was running up and down the same roads I have run hundreds of times in the past.  It was about 5:50 when I was coming around the same corner I have come around many times before.  The road was dark and I was wearing my reflective vest and flashing red light for visibility.  This morning was going to be a little bit different, and serves as a reminder why we run into traffic and not with it.

As I rounded this long curve on the outside of the curve I spotted a car traveling much faster than is safe around this curve.  Their high rate of speed meant they were being pulled to the outside and the car was well onto the shoulder that I was running on.  I have no doubt that if I had been running the other direction (with traffic) that I would have been hit because they just didn't have enough time to react, and I am not sure when they finally saw me.

Since I am writing this you know how this turned out.  I didn't get hit by the car, but did have to "run for my life" and in a split second make the decision to jump off into the grassy ditch.  I didn't get a good look at the car because I was too busy trying to keep myself from getting hurt to bad while running in the very unstable ditch along side the road.  I didn't come out completely unscathed though.

I run in a few different pair of shoes.  A couple of pairs of shoes that I have are neutral and so I cannot run too much or too many miles before they start to bother my right ankle.  I also have my main pair of shoes which are my New Balance 769's - a stability shoe.  My current 769's have around 450 miles on them and have started to bother my hip, knee, and ankle so I have been running in my other neutral shoes as much as possible.  All of these issues with shoes has caused my right ankle to be a little weak already, but when I jumped into the grass it tweaked that ankle a bit more and made the last mile home very uncomfortable.

I consider myself very lucky to come out without any long term injury, and of course my life.  An ankle will heal, and quickly given it wasn't truly an injury, but rather just a little twist.  More information about this run can be found on my running log.  Given the weakness in my ankle and the miles in my current schedule, I chose to take a few days off and let the foot strengthen up a bit before returning to my marathon training.

One of the frustrating parts is that I had finally found a pair of New Balance 769's in my size (they have been discontinued for some time now) and they arrived at my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.  I had to let them sit for a few days before I took them out on this mornings 17 mile long run.

My ankle is still not 100% but felt good enough on the long run this morning.  The new shoes felt great and I am looking forward to getting back out on that long dark road this coming Wednesday.

Have you had any close calls?  What steps do you take to make sure you are seen, day or night?

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