Defined By Getting Up

This morning was not about running and was also not about the lack of miles.  This morning was defined by the fact that I got up and got my butt out the door to run, even when I was trying to talk myself out of it starting even last night.

My ankle hurt a bit over the weekend so I took yesterday off.  It was still hurting a little bit last night so when I went to bed late I had almost already talked myself out of running.  I even had my excuses lined up and ready.

  • I really need to let my ankle rest - it does still hurt right?  Yea, there, if I move this way.
  • I really need my sleep and I am going to bed late again.
  • I know 50 isn't cold, but it’s chilly & hasn't been this chilly in a while - I might get chilled.
I still laid out all my clothes and went to bed with the alarm set at 5 am.  The alarm went off and I got myself up and proceeded to try and talk myself out of running once again.

  • Yea, there is that little pain in the ankle.... or is it because I am getting old?
  • Wow, I am really tired and I am going to get sleepy later.
  • Is it really 51 degrees out?  That's awful chilly since it has been 70's and 80's lately.
  • I will be really upset at myself if  I go back to bed.
  • I will feel much better if I get up and run.
  • I can't run tonight because of my daughter's Track Banquet.

I got my butt out the door and went running.  I am very happy about it, and had a great run even though it was only a short two miles.  The best part was the killer second 7:25 mile I ran.  The run felt great and was a WIN for the morning runner inside trying to get out.

Do you sometimes try to talk yourself out of running or is it just me?  I can get this way both in the morning or the evening, it really doesn’t matter what time of day, sometimes I am just full of excuses.