The Time Has Come For Many – But Not For Me

I have been talking a lot about the 13.1 Marathon Atlanta both so you could have a chance to win race entries and also because it has been one of my favorite races to run these past two years.  I won’t go into a lot of details today, but sadly I won’t be running it this year.  I waited this long because I was hoping that I would be able to somehow get ready for it, but I am not in the condition I need to be to run a half marathon.

That won’t be the case for many runners though, and you still have time to join the group of runners calling Town Brookhaven by the beloved name – finish.  The online registration closes tonight, but you still have time to get registered online with a $13.10 discount by using the code: BROOKHAVEN131 Don’t delay because the only opportunity you will have to register after tonight will be by walk up on Friday and Saturday.

KarhuBearYou say you are not ready to run a half marathon yet? In case you were not aware, there is also a 5k distance race, the Karhu 5K, with a chance to win your very own pair of Karhu shoes by beating the Karhu bear in the “Beat the Karhu bear” challenge.  You have a pretty good chance of winning as I will not be competing with you (or getting in your way intentionally) This also means that I won’t be going home with an always colorful pair of Karhu’s, but my time will come.  You can get all the details about the Karhu 5K race and your chance at the shoes in the recent press release.

If you are registered to run, or know someone that is, did you know that you can either be tracked or track those you are supporting?  It is easy, make sure you go and check out the Live Entrant Tracking and get registered.

A lot of information is available for those running, watching, or living around the race course.  To stay up to speed and get your questions answered head over to the 13.1 Marathon Fanpage, but a few items of specific interest could be the Participant Sheet, Road Closing and Course Information, and of course information about packet pickup and other information can be found on the race website:

I won’t be running, but I plan on still showing up on race morning to help and cheer you all on.  If you have a moment try to look me up.  I know it would help if I tell you where you can find me so I will try to narrow it down a bit by telling you to look somewhere around Town Brookhaven……

See you on race day!!

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  1. I am right there with you - I am registered but backing out.  I am just not prepared and even though I would normally "tough it out" I just dont want to this go 'round!