10 on the 10th

From dark to dawn.... I usually start my run off in the dark and end my run in the dark, but today was different. I actually was able to start my run in the dark and run the morning light in. By the time I got home it was completely light, but still early enough that the sun had not come up to start warming it up.

My kids are out of school this week for spring break and since we didn't go anywhere I still worked. I did decide, however to take today and Friday off so I could spend some time with them. But, as it goes with younger teenagers, both of my daughters spent the night with friends last night. We did tell them that they needed to be home this morning because I didn't take the day off to spend by myself. :)

I had in my head that I would still get up at the same time and go running and then do a little work on my project at work. When the alarm went off at 4:30, and I knew I was not held to a schedule this morning it was all to easy to turn it off and give myself a bit more sleep. I ended up rolling myself out of bed at 5:30 and hit the road at 5:45. I had planned on doing 8 miles this morning but started to try to convince myself to only go 4 miles. The intelligent part, instead of the lazy part of me won out, and through a conversation in my head I told myself.... You are not on a schedule, why do you think you can't do the 8 miles? - So, I did 10 miles instead!

This was the first time I had run 10 miles since the Half Marathon, so I wasn't sure how I would feel in the last couple miles, but I felt really good and was pleased to see that I still have the half marathon distance fully in me. I have been really busy at work lately and been bringing a lot of work home so my distances have not been where they were pre-race, but I think it is now time that I start looking for and committing to which Marathon I will be running. I have put 20 miles in so far this week so the miles are starting to come back, but without a goal race I find it too easy to not put the miles in. That being said.... I am relying on my readers to hold my feet to the flame and ask me which marathon I will be doing..... constantly.... asking all the time.... annoying me.... until.... I.... commit.