8 before 6

I arrived at my stashed water at 5:57 this morning. Not bad for 8 miles. I didn't run it fast which meant an early departure from the household. I walked out the door at 4:35 this morning knowing that I wanted to do 8 miles and if I was going to be successful that I needed to rise early and hit the pavement earlier than my normal 5:00 AM.

So far for the week I have just over 18 miles in, this looks like it will be close to a 30 mile week, which will be the most for me in one week, even considering the training days for the half marathon.

I am feeling much better since my last post last week when I was in the recovery mode from some food poisoning. I am still doing good and holding steady in the weight department as can be seen in my post on my other blog: blog.2big.org