Been Running

Over the past few weeks I have been running.

I know, that is quite a broad bit of information, but that about wraps it up right there.  I have had good runs, not so good runs, and bad runs..... but all of them were just that..... runs.

It sure feels good to be back running.  It was a really long time of little, but mostly no, running.  I have gotten back into somewhat of a routine.  I am running at least Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and have gotten my shorter runs to about the three mile stage.  

My longest run since coming back from the surgery was this past Saturday when I put in a 4 miler.  Yes, I am aware that is not a very long run considering last year at this time I was one short week from running my first half marathon (link) and was putting in long runs of 12-14 miles on Saturdays.  That being the case, I am in effect starting over and so I need to be, and I am happy with where I am currently.

Did I mention that I am planning my first race?  Yes, I am planning my first (again) 5k in just a couple short weeks.  Guess which race I am planning on running?  I am planning on running the 5k race at the Run The Reagan.  This was the half marathon I did last year.

Stay tuned, and watch as my miles start to build again.

Tim Wilson -