Running Around The World

I was just busy catching up on my reader when I came across a post over at I'll Run for Donuts that intrigued me.  It was a write up about a new documentary called Beyond The Epic Run about a couple who ran around the world.

In February, 2000, a couple left home in Switzerland to run around the world...alone. A small crowd of friends and family gathered in the morning hours in the shadows of the Matterhorn in Sion, Switzerland. They were there to send Serge and Nicole Roehteli off with great fanfare to begin what would be an epic journey. With Nicole as his sole crew support, following him on a motorcycle towing a small trailer, Serge was setting off to run over 25,000 miles, on six continents and through 37 countries.

Right now from what I see on their blog, they don't have a screening coming to Atlanta, but I am hopeful that they will add one to our area (Gwinnett) soon :).

I am a long way from being an Ultra-runner of any type, but the thought of it just draws me in.  This is the same reason why I just started to read Dean Karnazes' book, 50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days.

Why not take a few minutes to watch the trailer and see a little bit of this movie for yourself.  Immediately following this clip you will find a clip with Dean Karnazes' thoughts about Serge.

In the spirit of my Runners That Twitter post (with over 80 runners and counting) I suggest that you also follow @EpicRun on twitter as well.


  1. Great post. BTW it seems Serge and Nicole must have an amazing relationship to do that together. Spectacular.

  2. It is amazing. My wife would do anything for me.... but I wouldn't even ask about something like that :)