Runners to follow on Twitter

So, are you a runner? Are you on Twitter?

Do you know a runner.... on Twitter?

One of the cool things I have found on Twitter (Follow me) is the community of runners I have found so far. I have searched and found some, and then found some that they were following, etc, etc. But I would like to build that group a little more for both inspiration and motivation.

I know I have not been able to bring much to the conversations on Twitter concerning running, but I promise to be more of a community runner.... once I can start running again.

If you are a runner please respond with your twitter address so others can follow you. If you know of any runners that twitter, why not give them a boost of followers as well by listing their address.

To make it even more fun and see how much we can get this to grow, when you follow someone you have found here, let them know where you found them.

Tim Wilson -

EDIT - when posting your twitter id, post it in this format:

<a href="">virtual4now</a>

Update your id in both places and this will allow others to click on it to go straight to your Twitter page.