Run number 2 - the second mile

This morning I went for my second run. It was another 1 mile jog on the treadmill but felt really good. I ran the same way I did two days ago with my arm planted at my side, but kicked the speed up just a bit.

Following my run two days ago, my thighs were pretty sore, funny how they are sore after only 1 mile. It will get better, and I will be back to the 14+ miles soon :)

For those of you that were readers before the injury, thanks for sticking with me throughout the down time and complaining. For those of you that have recently joined, thanks for coming by and I look forward to talking a lot more running!

Tim Wilson -


  1. Glad you were able to get a second run in. Before you know it you'll have forgotten all about this blip in your runs :)