My MyTach GPS Sport Trainer

I have had my MyTach GPS Sport Trainer for going on two months now and am really loving it. One of the things I have mentioned before is how much I now love just getting out and running and not being concerned about having a set plan on where to go or where the mile markers are. This, I understand, can be both good and bad. Good from a freedom standpoint, but bad from a security standpoint since nobody knows exactly where I will be running in case something happens.

I finally installed the software on my computer for the watch. I have been really loving everything it offers without the software, but really wanted to dig a bit deeper and pull my logs down to my computer so I could look at them a bit more and critique them a bit more..... yes, I AM a geek!

I have just started looking at the software. It looks like it has so much to offer. I have a lot of learning to do to figure out what I want to do with it. I am sure I will not use all the features, but I do want to know what is available to me.

Last night when I installed this software the first thing I did was download all my data so far from the watch. I was excited to see what was going to happen and how it was going to work. I did get the data into the program but have not figured out the best way to look at it as of yet. I figured out how to export the data as well into a GPX file that I understand I can use different places to do map overlays etc. I found GPS Visualizer, but I am sure there are many others out there that let me import my GPX file and keep logs of my runs with map or aerial overlays etc.

Do you have any suggestions on websites that offer this kind of service?

This morning I got up and got ready for my run. I hit the wrong button on the watch and it started. I stopped it pretty quickly, but then went to try to delete the workout.... I accidentally deleted all the workouts stored on the watch..... good thing I had downloaded them to the computer last night!

So, what is your take? Do you have a GPS watch? If you do, what do you use to keep track of all your data? Do you use any websites that let you import from GPX files and keep track of your runs and routes with the ability to do map or aerial overlays? What about elevation?

Tim Wilson -