I Rock!!

I am very happy with this run - I set out to run a tempo run, pretty much trying to run it as fast as I could without killing all my energy in the first mile. My goal was to run progressively faster throughout, knowing the last mile was about 1/3 tough uphills...... not to mention the wind at 13 mph gusting to 23 mph.

The weather also played a part in my run this morning at just 36 degrees..... yea, you heard that right.... 36 degrees, in April, in Atlanta!

I usually do not run very fast in the morning, because I just don't seem to have the energy. This doesn't bother me, because I know I am getting a good workout, and when I run in the afternoon I can always run faster and longer with less effort.

Today's run was only three miles, but if I would have continued the next .1 to make it a 5k I would have beaten my latest 5k race time by about 45 seconds.



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