Need..... New..... Shoes.....

I am way beyond needing new shoes.  I am going to save myself the ridicule by not telling you all how many miles I have on my current shoes but let's suffice it to say that I am way beyond the suggested mileage..... way beyond!  There are ways for you to find out online but I refuse to point it out.

I have known that I have needed to replace these shoes for some time, but was putting it off while I took care of some other things financially.  I was given a gift card for Fleet Feet, where I bought my first two pair, that would have purchased my next pair but I chose instead to use that gift card to take my daughter to buy her first pair of real running shoes.

I had found a place online that I could buy the shoes I currently run in for just $70, but was still putting it off till I could come up with the extra money.  (yes, I am aware, putting it off could cost me more in the long run)  I really like the shoes I am currently running in.  They are the New Balance MR768ST's.

It has finally started to become critical.  I am starting to have strange issues very similar to the last time I needed to replace my shoes.  I am having issues with my ankles, my hips, and other very strange aches and pains.

I finally decided it was time and I was going to make the purchase.  I went back to the site that had my shoes and would you guess..... they no longer had my size and it looked like they were being phased out.  I did all kinds of searches and came up empty everywhere I looked.  Many websites had the shoes but nobody had my specific size and width.  I was getting discouraged.... I really didn't want to switch shoes.... yet.

This morning I was happy, but somewhat cautiously optimistic when I went back to all the sites I went to Thursday and checked again..... only to find one website said "hurry, only 1 left" when I entered my size and width.  I was also pleased to see that it was the store that had it cheaper than most other stores..... and they were having free shipping this weekend.  I checked, and double checked to make sure I entered everything correctly and made the purchase.  The final price being only $63 with tax.  I will be happy when they arrive.

The store that came through for me? Joes New Balance Outlet

What did I learn?  Don't put off buying shoes this long next time.

I did a little more research and found that New Balance has replaced my shoes with a new shoe so next time I will probably have to change shoes.... but I am happy that now is not the time.

***UPDATE 5-26-09****

I just received an update - they just cancelled my order saying the shoes were not available.  I was worried about this - now I guess my worries came true.  Now I don't know what shoes I will buy.  I am not comfortable just buying a different pair because I don't know what other pair will actually give me the same support I need.  It seems the only option I have will be to go to the store and get fitted again.  I just didn't want to do that because I didn't want to pay $100 for my next pair of shoes..... really can't afford that right now!