Probably shouldn't have done that

Tuesday my running buddy and I set out to run 3 miles.  We decided that we would run the first easy and then kick it in for the next two miles.  We wanted to try to stay between 8:00 - 8:30 for the second two miles.  We ended up doing what we wanted with a little bit of trouble.  The second mile was 8:05 and the third was almost 8:30, not really what we had in mind, but accomplishing what we set out to do.

This is where the interesting, and maybe not so bright part of my day starts to take fold.

I didn't get to run with my daughter on Monday night since I had to work late.  Since she is training for Cross Country I felt it was really important for her to get her mileage in so we planned she would do her 2 miler on Tuesday instead.

I was reminded during the day that Tuesday night my wife and all the kids would be gone till almost 8:30.  Now, this meant two different things...... I had the night to myself, and my daughter and I wouldn't be able to do that 2 miler till 8:30.

I decided I would seize the opportunity, you see Fleet Feet in Lawrenceville started a Tuesday night Group run back in March and I have wanted to join them ever since they started.  I have never been able to because of other commitments, however tonight was different.

I struggled back and forth with whether or not I should run since I had already run that morning, and because I was going to need to run that night, but the thought of running with the group got the best of me and I made my way to Lawrenceville.

Since it was my first time I really didn't know what to expect, but I knew it would be somewhere between 3-5 miles..... just not sure what pace.  We set out with 4 miles as the goal.  I was very clear with my neighbor who I was running with that if they decided to do 7:30 miles I would see them at the end.  The run felt really good at first, but as it continued the 8:20 pace was starting to get to me.  I was, however, able to keep it up and finish strong.  We finished the 4.3 miles with a steady pace of 8:20ish.  It was a lot of fun to run with the group, and I will do it again..... hopefully soon.

I made it home and decided I better eat some dinner quick since it wouldn't be long till my daughter was home.  I ate a quick Turkey sandwich and some cottage cheese, and then waited till 8:30.  We headed out the door for our 2 mile run which went really good.  She is getting better each and every time we go out.  It was a tough run for me..... but I am still trying to figure out why :)

All being said I ran three times, for a total of 9.4 miles at an average of just under an 8:40 pace.  I felt really good, but don't think I will be doing that again anytime soon.  Probably shouldn't have done that!

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  1. That sounds like a great day, although it's the kind of thing I'd get onto my athletes for.

  2. Dedicated to the sport while dedicated to your daughter. Sounds like a great father to me. Nice work, Tim!

  3. I was waiting for the punchline of you falling over and re-breaking your shoulder. Glad it went well. My daughter is running cross country as well. we need to get in a run together over the weekend.

  4. wow, three runs in one day...not sure if i should say "way to go" or "are you crazy?"

  5. Trihardist: well, I am not an athlete so...... :)

    Thanks jpickett1968!

    Thanks Jack.... but.... well.... :)

    SUB6: very cool for your daughter as well - I don't remember reading about her running cross country. I have read about her and your son's Tri's though :) Good luck to her!

    Oz - I would probably just say crazy..

    I won't be doing that again anytime soon. I was spared the negative consequences, but I was playing with fire!

  6. Dedicated to the sport while dedicated to your daughter. Sounds like a great father to me. Nice work, Tim!