A bum ankle

Friday I went out for a run and my ankle gave out on me just 1/2 mile in. I have not run since and my ankle has been hurting. Not sure what caused this, but it has happened before about 18 months ago. Usually I just have to wait until it snaps/cracks and then it is on the mend. That happened about 3:00 this morning on one of my trips out of bed - yes, I am getting older :) 

I wasn't going to run this morning so I went to the gym to do some lifting instead. I decided to give my ankle a shot on the treadmill. I was just going to walk but it felt good so I kicked it up to a run. It felt good and didn't have any pain. 

I will continue to watch it and be careful though, I am not sure I am quite out of the woods yet.... it was just one mile :)

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  1. Hang in there.

    If you keep having problems try cutting over to cycling for a week or so... That got me through some issues. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

  2. I know that feeling ... of waiting for your foot to click back into its right position. Why the hell does that happen??? Good luck with getting back at it ... looking at your tweets (spel?) I think you may be OK now. Good luck!!!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments -

    The ankle has been feeling better every day. It is feeling really good today.

    Thanks for reading and hanging around!