Two Runs Today

Being that it is Saturday, all I really wanted to do was sleep in a little bit, but I knew that it was supposed to rain most of the day and I really needed to get a long run in.

I woke up early (for a Saturday) and hit the road running. I wanted to hit the road by 8:00, but still managed to hit the road by 8:30 and was happy because according to the weather it looked like I was still going to beat the rain.

I went out easy and tried to keep an easy pace. I didn't want the same thing to happen to me as did the last time I went out for a long run.  I know the conditions were all quite different, but once you cut a long run short you have a little doubt running in the back of your head.

The run went really good, I ended up putting in 9 miles, and felt good throughout.  I even added a little side-track by running into a neighborhood that I had never been into before.  I had always wondered what was down this road so I gave it a shot.  As soon as I entered this neighborhood the road went straight down.  I questioned my sanity, but continued down the hill knowing I would have to run back up it to get out.

I didn't run fast, but I was pleased with my pace for a long run at an average of 9:16 a mile.

After getting home I looked at the lawn and decided I needed to get it mowed before the weekend of rain hit the door.  So, with very little rest I headed out the door to mow the lawn.  I was happy to get it done, but was completely beat.

To add insult to injury, you will remember from my last post that my daughter Payton is training to run Cross Country her Freshman year in High School.  Today she was scheduled for 3 or 4 miles, and it is supposed to rain all day once the rain hits.  That being the case I knew I didn't have time to rest and we needed to get out and put her miles in.  This was not going to go over really well after what I did to her yesterday with her 2 mile run. Yesterday my MyTach was not working right so I didn't realize we were running faster than we had been.  She had a long day at school, it was hot, and I pushed her at a pace 30 sec/mile faster than we had been going in previous runs.  

So, we headed out for 3 miles.  She had never gone further than 2 miles so this was another new distance for her.  I am very proud, she did a great job, and finished strong.  She is now starting to notice that it is starting to get easier as she puts the miles in.

And then the rain came.......

The day has worked out really nice, I got my lawn mowed, and I got a total of 12 miles in.  Sure it took me two runs to get the 12 miles in, but I will take them even so.

Looking forward to another week of training with my daughter.