Training for Cross Country

I am not the one training for Cross Country, but someone I care a lot about is..... and it really makes me happy and proud.  Payton, my soon to be high-schooler, daughter has decided she wants to run Cross Country in high school.

Payton will be a freshman this coming school year at Brookwood High School, and they are already starting to train for Cross Country.... before school is even out this year.  I don't remember when we started training when I ran Cross Country back in "the day" but it seems like it is earlier now.  I am not opposed to it, I am actually very happy that they do since it will make sure they are well prepared when it comes race time.

They officially don't start summer conditioning till school is out, but they have been given a schedule to start running till that time comes.  I wanted to start running with her last week but then I started having trouble with my ankle and had to put it off for a couple days to get back on my (running) feet.

Monday morning was the first time I got out and tried out my ankle.  It was a normal running day but I was not ready to head out for very far, and wasn't even sure I wanted to run at all with the way my ankle was feeling.  I went to the gym and did some lifting.  Once I finished I looked over at the treadmill and decided to give it a go.  My ankle was a bit stiff still but the run felt good.  I knew at that time that I would be able to start training with Payton.

I am going to try to keep my normal running schedule since I need the extra miles and speed, but also because I have a running partner in the morning to run with.  That being the case it looks like I will be running every day this week and next, some in the morning, some in the evening, and some both in the morning and evening.  I plan on doing her three miles on Saturday at the end of my long run so I will probably be much more forgiving that day.

Monday evening when I got home from work we set out for two miles.  We took it easy because the only time previous that we had gotten close to two miles before she gave up on me at about 1.8 miles.  I knew I needed to keep her at it till two miles, and if that meant slow, that would be fine.  There would be plenty of time to speed up later.

The run started out good and we were nearing the one mile mark.  She started to complain that she was hurting.  We had run the first mile in just over 9 minutes so I knew we weren't going too fast.  I asked her what was hurting and she told me it was her side.  Me being the kind and compassionate type that I am told her she was going to have to run through it and in a week or two they would be a distant memory :)

The run went on, every couple minutes a complaint.... I can't go on, I hurt too bad, I can't do it, how much further, etc, etc.  But like I mentioned above, I am kind and compassionate and I said..... yes you can do it, and no you won't die, and.... I will tell you when we get to 2 miles, not before.

We got to the two mile mark, and you guessed it... she didn't die, and yes she ran the whole way.  I am very proud of her, and I know she will do great.  I told her today that she will be running down in the 7 minute miles before the season is over.  Time: 18:50

We went out again today for another two miler.  She did better, and she did say it was easier.  She only tried to quit on me one time.  I took her a different way so she wouldn't know where the end was again today.  I will not be able to do that too many more times before I run out of routes. :)  Time: 18:47

Friday we are scheduled for two miles and then Saturday 3-4 miles.  I am thinking it will just be 3 this Saturday..... because I am kind and compassionate. :)