First Post-Marathon Run

I just got back from my first Post-Marathon run following my First Marathon this past Saturday.

I wasn't planning on taking this much time before my first recovery run, but my right ankle was a little sore still and I wanted to make sure that it was solid before heading out and trying anything.

Sunday, the day after the marathon I was pretty sore all day and was doing the marathon shuffle. The worst part, as always, was going down stairs..... but I was loving every step because it reminded me of my accomplishment. Monday was more of the same like Sunday, but a little better throughout the day. I would have probably recovered sooner if it wasn't for the desk job and not moving much all day.

Tuesday was when I started feeling much better and was able to make it down the stairs without holding onto the rail and taking one step at a time. I was going to go run on this day but didn't because of the ankle.

So, today, Thursday, was my first Post-Marathon Recovery Run. My ankle felt good as did my legs. I took it really easy with a first mile pace of 9:49. My legs felt a little tight, but nothing too much out of the ordinary for an early morning run, but they were not sore.

About a half mile into my run I came really close to getting hit by a car that was in a bit too much of a hurry to beat another car out onto the road. I was crossing the intersection while he was coming up to a stop, but he wasn't watching and decided to try and beat another car out onto the main road. I had to stop and swerve very suddenly, and I am sure would have been hit if I hadn't done so.

The second mile was a little faster, but still not too fast at 9:18. I was shocked with the experience of how fast my legs fatigued. My legs felt like I had been running 15 miles by the time I had completed the second mile. the run

This afternoon I get the pleasure of running a small 1 mile race/fun run with my 8 year old son, Brady. He was part of the elementary running club and this is their end of the club fun run. I was excited when I heard that parents could run with them. I am really looking forward to this. We have run a couple other races together, but I always do cherish these times.

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