I Can Now Call Myself A Marathoner

This will be really quick as it is just an update so you will know. I will post a full race report hopefully tomorrow.... I am a bit long winded as you all know so it may take me some time :)

I can officially call myself a marathoner now. It is absolutely one of the most awesome and humbling things I have ever done and I have a new respect for anyone that completes a marathon. It also was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I completed my first marathon in 4:18:51 according to my watch. I had set out to do it under 4 hours, but I guess I was not ready to do it that fast. Everything fell apart after mile 21. I am completely OK with that, and am not at all discouraged or let down..... I am thoroughly excited and proud of what I have accomplished. However, that doesn't mean I will not be critical of myself, that is how we learn and get better next time...... yes, there WILL be a next time :)

Thank you all for following me on the journey and the kind words and support along the way.... it really means a lot to me!

Till I write the race report!