The Peachtree Awaits

Tomorrow morning will be my 4th Peachtree Road Race.  I am looking forward to this race for a different reason than previous races.... I will be running it with my daughter Payton, and it will be both her first Peachtree and her first 10k race.

We both have time group "A" so we will be lined up right behind the Elite/seeded/sub-seeded groups.  Our official start time is listed as 7:30 just like the start of the race.

It is hard to believe that 3 years ago tomorrow was my first 10k race and my first Peachtree.  It is also some kind of a memory to think about my second one, just two years ago, that I had to walk.

Last year I ran the Peachtree and came close to setting a new 10k PR.  I am not sure if I will be able to set a new PR tomorrow, but I am not completely ruling it out.  All I need to do it get down into the 47's and it will be a new PR.  We will see....

I would like to write more, but am short of time.  I will write much more following the race.

If you are running the Peachtree tomorrow, good luck!  and don't pass me too quickly..... or at least without saying hello!

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