How is the training coming?

If you were to stop me on the road and ask me how the training is coming I would first have to ask you to run with me because I am undoubtedly in the middle of one of them.  I would then have to ask you how far you want to run because when I start to talk it could almost always turn into a long run (or ultra if you ask my wife or kids)

A lot has been going on and I could go on and on about it, but I will keep it to just a few highlights.  Tomorrow morning will be my first drop back long run week of marathon training.  It is only 8 miles after the past two weeks being 10 mile and 11 mile Sunday mornings.  My daughters will once again be running with me, and may even go the entire distance (wouldn't that be awesome!)

This past Thursday morning was my first track workout, and took place because of the 4 800 meter repeats that were on the schedule.  I have never really done any speedwork before these past few months and even these past few months most of the speedwork has been part of the Tuesday Night Fleet Feet Running Group.

I officially started marathon training 3 weeks ago and picked a marathon training plan that included some speed work.  The first week included some interval training, the second week some hill repeats, and then this past Thursday 4 800 meter repeats at the track.  I opened the track at 4:50 in the morning because I needed to be home by 6:00.  The repeats went great, but I was glad some other people showed up at the track to help pull me through the workout.

After last Saturday's blah run in the sun, today I was determined to not let the same thing happen again.  I really wanted to sleep in a little bit since it is the only day of the week I can, but I also knew that I needed to get out before it got too hot or I would end up with a repeat of last week.  I set the alarm for 8:00 and hit the road by 8:30.  The schedule called for 6 miles at marathon race pace so I decided to shoot for an 8:45 pace.  I missed it and ended up with an 8:30 pace which felt comfortably hard for the distance.  I finished up just as the sun was starting to get hot so I can call this mornings run a success! :)

That is where I have been, and how my training has been going in a nutshell.  You can see all my training runs and always follow my daily progress on my RunningAhead running log, or on DailyMile.

Stay tuned in the next couple days as I announce my marathon sponsorship officially!

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Thanks for stopping by and showing some interest. I really look forward to your encouraging words along the way as they keep me going when times of lower motivation come along.

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  1. Sounds like the training is going very well. I had a bad run on Fri. and like you, today I was determined to have a good run. Success for both of us. Woo Hoo!

  2. Training's looking good - woohoo! Glad you're getting in some track workouts,they make you so much speedier! Keep up the great work!!