Days like this will come..... and go

This mornings run was the worst 5 miler I can remember in a long time. I am fairly certain the reason is because I got less than 5 hours of sleep last night, however I have had low sleep nights that have not turned out this bad during the run.

It was hard getting up, it was hard getting dressed, it was hard drinking water, and it was really hard to get out the door and start to move in a running like motion.  This was one of those runs that I was certain I would give up half way through.  I do have to say that this is one of the good things about being on a training plan, if I was just running day to day based on feeling I would just now be getting out of bed.... and would no doubt be mad at myself, but with a marathon looming the motivation is there to get up and get these runs in no matter how bad they are.

Earlier this week I was reading Greg's post "7 Tips to Stop Wasting Precious Predawn Running Time" at Predawn Runner and commented how I do most of the things on the list.  Some of these habits of mine are the reason I was able to make it out the door and through the 5 miles this morning.

The only reasons I actually made it out the door were:
A) I got up when the alarm went off.
B) I had everything ready for when I got up.
C) I stayed off the computer and Blackberry - just straight out the door.

The last reason is the biggest distraction for me, and I have been working on being disciplined with this.  I am convinced that this would have killed my run this morning if I had not followed through.

What do you do to get out the door when the motivation is just not there?  Do you have some habits and routines that help you when you are just not feeling it?

Here is to the next run..... the good one!

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  1. Thanks for the mention of my post. For some reason I don't struggle with the motivation to get out anymore, and I allow plenty of time after the run to do the computer and Blackberry before the kids get up. Maybe it is that latter factor that helps me not feel tempted to check it before the run. Of course, that means getting up even earlier, but maybe it's a fair trade-off?

  2. Aw, I'm sorry you had one of those mornings but good for you that you still got out there!

  3. @greengirl Thanks!

    @greg - you are welcome on the mention. I usually don't struggle with the motivation either.... the times I do is when I have not gotten enough sleep (like last night - teenagers and their schedules will do that to you)

    My trouble is trying to balance time with my family in the evening, but getting to bed early enough to get up by 4:30. The only way I can do that without my body getting back at me is get to bed by 10:00 pm.... any later and I pay for it after a few days.

    I have a small window before I need to be out the door heading to work/getting kids to school. This usually works fine until I start getting less sleep because of going to bed too late.

    The whole computer/blackberry thing has caused me issues not because of lack of motivation but because of getting side-tracked - kinda a common issue with me. I do this while waiting for my GPS to sync up and then get sucked in.... I log in to check the weather - gotta have exact departure time numbers for my log :) or to download a podcast that was posted overnight.

    I made the decision (started before seeing your post - but your post helped me actually follow through) to just be a day behind on the podcast, not worry about exact numbers on the weather, and start walking while waiting for GPS sync. That worked for me this morning and helped with getting out the door on one of the few days I had a motivation issue :)


  4. Like you, I have everything ready when I get up. I have to remind myself of how I feel when I don't go and how upset at myself I get. And lastly, how will I ever run my 1/2, if I don't get out there. These really help me stay motivated.

  5. Way to get out there. I've totally had days like that.

  6. "This was one of those runs that I was certain I would give up half way through." - A familiar feeling. Good job on getting out there and just doing it. As for motivation - I try to keep a race on the horizon, and my wife is a great accountability partner.

  7. I tend to start "late" on my runs when I get on the computer and BB, too. When my daughter is in school, we both have a "no computer" rule in the morning ... it keeps both of us on track. Thankfully, that starts in just three weeks!

    Okay, that wasn't the question :) ... it helps to have someone holding you accountable. Like on dailymile. You think I'd LIE on there and say I ran when I didn't :) LOL. Never! In its own way, that site has been very good for me.

    Also, when my daughter is in school, I know my time is limited. So if I dilly-dally around the house (often!), I know I can only get in a certain number of miles before 'having' to hit the shower by 6:30 a.m. I'm very strict on our morning routine.

    Glad you got out the door. And you know you'll continue walking out even on those days you don't want to. Good for you! Think, Chickamauga!

  8. I get everything ready the night before and set a time I have to be out of the door by. Seems to work most of the time but occasionally I get a run like yours. It's rare but it happens.

  9. Like you, I get everything ready the night before, so there is minimal thought process that has to go into getting dressed and getting out the door. For long runs I even set the coffee pot an hour before and the beeps that let me know it is done brewing are often my motivation. I'd like to fit in a few pre-run sips before I begin.

    Having a buddy or two or five helps too. If I say I'm coming to run, then I know others are counting on and waiting on me. So no matter what I actually feel, I get out the door.

    Everyone has days like yours, though! Pushing through is what makes them so valuable to your training. Good job for getting out there and getting after it anyway!

  10. Bad runs are to be expected and actually make you a better runner. Just gotta file it as done and move on to the next one! Good job getting out there!

  11. My comment about the Blackberry stuff:

    I don’t have one, but do have a laptop. No different. I lost weight years ago, and am slowly learning that my mind is much like my body. . . my body thinks it needs fructose or sugar to get started, but there are better things. So it is with my mind. I somehow think that the laptop will consistently provide what my mind needs, but it doesn’t always provide that good, wholesome thought, which should replace what my head is telling me at this moment. I am trying to remember that unless I am getting a good mind-set from my computer, it needs to stay in sleep mode until later!

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments - things have been going good since this run :)