Do You Use Protein Supplements? (Giveaway)

I am a strong believer in Protein Supplements when it comes to both running, lifting, and workouts of any type that deplete or tear up my muscles.  In the research I have done over the years I have come to the personal conclusion that Protein Supplements are for more than just getting big muscles and make the use of them a regular part of my routine.

I have used plenty of different brands and kinds of Protein Supplements over the years, some that I have liked, and some that were so disgusting that I took them back were I bought them and demanded my money back.  I was using a brand that I have been very happy with lately, when I was contacted on behalf of BSN Suppliments with an opportunity to try their SYNTHA-6™ Product.

I am not sure how you tell without an extended use and very specific comparison tools how well a product like this stacks up against another similar products.  I can, however, tell you that based on the protein content (20g), the amino acids (which all runners are looking for), and the other key ingredients that this will easily compare to the other products on the market that I have tried.

I know it shouldn't be one of the big deciding factors for supplements, but I have to say that SYNTHA-6 is by far the best tasting Protein Supplement I have ever tasted.  I have tried mixing it both with water and milk, and every time I try the chocolate and vanilla I have been very happy with the smoothness and richness.

SYNTHA-6 is a multi-function protein supplement, comprised of BSN’s proprietary blend of six proteins for sustained protein absorption. BSN’s protein supplements distinguish themselves with the unmatched taste, quality, and well rounded nutrients for supporting protein synthesis and muscle growth. SYNTHA-6 is a powerful arrangement of complete proteins, branched chain amino acids, essential fatty acids, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. SYNTHA-6 is available as an easily mixable powder or in ready-to-drink (RTD) formats.
Key Benefits:
  • Blend of six proteins for sustained protein absorption
  • Supplements essential and non-essential amino acids
  • 20g Protein; 7g of Carbohydrates; 3g of Healthy Fats
  • Low calorie meal replacement
Target Consumer:
  • Anyone seeking a delicious means of supplementing their diet with concentrated servings of protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats

The Giveaway:

I was tempted to keep it for myself, and I may still be begging the company for one of my own, but I have been provided with a 5lb container of the SYNTHA-6 Chocolate Flavor ($80 value!) for one of you to win.  The giveaway will run until February 23rd, and a winner will be selected on the 24th using

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Don't forget, today is your last day to Enter to Win the GU Sampler Pack, and make sure you have entered to win the Couple On The Run book, a great read for more than just couples!