Run The Reagan 2011 - Volunteering Style

The first two years I ran the Reagan, but last year it didn't quite work out that way.  The first year it was my first Half Marathon, while the second year it was a nervous first 5k back after recovering from my broken collar bone.

This year, once again we are volunteering.  Both my daughter's and I will be at the finish line handing out medals for the half marathon finishers, picking up people who fall over, or just about anything else they can find for the slave labor to do.

I am really looking forward to helping.  The Run The Reagan is a very local race for us, and one that I look forward to every year, regardless of whether I get to run or just volunteer.  It runs past many places that I train nearly every day.

If you are running, as many that I know are, Good Luck and see you at the finish line!


  1. Oh WOW - I just ran the half at the Run the Reagan this morning. I would have looked for you if I had been more up to date on my blogs I would have known ;)

  2. It was fun Green Girl, thanks!

    Hey Karen, sorry I missed you. I was at the finish line most of the time, other than when my daughters and I went over and were in charge of the ribbons for the fun run. It was a great day (kinda wish I would have run)