Running Should Look Like It's Hard Work!

Anybody that says running is easy is either lying or they are not doing it right.  I am sure I will get all kinds of people that come down on both sides agreeing and disagreeing with that point, but in my opinion if running is done right it is hard work.  Sure the elites make it look easy, but if it wasn't hard work wouldn't they all be faster?

Recently I was at a track meet and I was watching all levels of runners do their thing.  Sure I enjoy watching the fast runners kick it and blow by everybody else, but I also enjoy watching the ones that happen to come in last place, and all the ones in between.  In the front of the races the runners all look the same, they are giving everything they have and leaving nothing on the course.
The runners in the middle and back of each race usually come across the line with varying attitudes, postures, and scowls on their faces.  Some are mad and some are barely trying, while others look like the runners at the front of the race - they are giving it everything they've got!
I understand that not every run is a race and training should have all facets of running including speed work, and yes even easy runs, but this is race day, at least make it look hard.
This is the day you have put all that training in for, it is time to kick some BUTT!  I don't understand the runners that are running with little effort.  They are running the 100 meter sprint, yet they look relaxed and seem to be pacing for a 5k.  Running is hard work, at least flatter us a little bit and make it look like you are trying your hardest.

My favorite runners are the ones that are giving it everything they've got regardless of where they finish.  They are all in different places in their training and what life has given them, but when they give it their all, they have won the race.