Ryders Eyewear Review and Giveaway

A few weeks ago I was sent a pair of the HEX 480's from Ryders Eyewear.  I have to be honest and give you a basis for this review.  I typically do not wear sunglasses, but when I do it is usually only in the car and it is some cheap pair I picked up for a couple dollars that make me look like one of the Beatles.... if they were bald.

I never have run with sunglasses before trying these out.  This is mainly because I don't need something else that I have to deal with all the time.  I don't want something that I have to keep from bouncing, keep in place, keep clean or anything that will distract from the run.  All that being said, I was ready to give these Ryders a try.

The first time I wore them my daughter Payton and I were headed out for a trail run.  As we were driving to the trails she said they looked cool and she even had to try them on. Now notice I didn't say that she said I was cool, but that the glasses were cool.  She stopped telling me I was cool 5 years ago when she was 10 years old.

When I first took off with them on they bounced a little bit and I was starting to not like them right away, however a couple minutes into my run they settled down and I didn't even feel them anymore.  They were very comfortable and even though the run was 10 miles through very bouncy technical trails they didn't bounce anymore or even start to chafe or anything, they just did what they were supposed to - protect my eyes.

Since I was sweating so much the sweat was splattering on the inside of the glasses and over time got a little annoying.  Since it was sweat it stuck and couldn't be wiped off while I was running, even though I tried.  When I got home just running them under some cold water cleared them up very easily, and got them ready for the next run.

A couple of weeks later my daughter and I were driving to another park to run some trails and I asked her if I looked cool.  She quickly stopped me and told me that she had offered it the first time, and that is where it would end.  She added it just was not cool to go fishing for the same compliment again.

I have run with these quite a bit after that first trial and everything still holds true.  I am still very happy with them, and may slowly become a runner who wears sunglasses.  If I could just come up with a way to keep the sweat off of the inside of the lenses I would be completely sold on running with sunglasses.

The pair I tested are shown above.  They were the Gloss Black TR90 frame with Anti-slip nose and temple pads.  The lens is a Photochromic-Polarized Grey Polycarbonate with 100% UV Protection and a variable 32%-12% VLT tint.  The medium fit was perfect for my head, proving that I am not as big headed as my family tends to believe.

The Giveaway:

I have also been provided with the opportunity for one of you to win a pair of Ryders Sunglasses.  I have been told you will get either the HEX like I did or a similar model if they are not available for some reason.  The giveaway will run till March 2nd and the winner will be chosen March 3rd via random.org.  Winners must reside in the US or Canada, sorry.

To enter do any (or all) of the following and leave a separate comment for each entry (1 entry each):
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Extra Bonus!!

If you can tell me what big news/milestone hit last week for Ryders Eyewear I will give you 5 extra entries.  The key here is DO NOT post the answer in the comments or you will in fact give everybody else those same 5 entries nullifying yours.  Instead, email your answer to info@262quest.com and I will count your 5 extra entries.  If you don't know I bet you could Google it easy enough - Good Luck!!