Complete Running Failure


As I look back on the past week there is only one way to look at it from the perspective of running – a complete running failure.  As I type this I am getting ready Sunday night to run for the first time since Monday morning when I went out for an easy two miles to kick off the week.

This past week had obstacles I knew would be there as I wrote in my blog post last Sunday, however that post makes this confession that much more embarrassing.  You see, last week I wrote about how many obstacles I have had over the past months and how they had gotten the best of me.  I also mentioned the upcoming obstacle of long work hours and the challenge they would be, but was very positive on how they would not win over my determination and drive.

Today I am having to eat my words and once again start fresh.  After a 17 hour day at the office Monday the week went downhill from there and I couldn’t get the running back on track.  I always run with the running group on Tuesday and still planned on it until some things at work came up that kept me from leaving.  I have to be honest, at that point I all but gave up on getting back on track till later in the week.

Well, the week has come and gone, and although work will still be crazy, I once again have the chance to start fresh.  Keep an eye on me throughout the social web and keep me focused!