Why I Run The Peachtree - Video Edition

I will go into much more details soon, but I have to share this while it is still available on CBS Atlanta.  Watch till the end and you will see in my own words why I run the Peachtree Road Race each Fourth of July. They interviewed my daughters and I just 10 minutes before the start of the race from our Wave A corral, but I was sad to see my they didn’t make the cut in the spot they aired.  We saw them after the race as well and they continued the interview a little bit and Payton’s t-shirt did make the cut as you will see.

An article was also posted that included the video and quoted me and mentioned both my daughters Ashlee and Payton.  The article can be found on CBS Atlanta and is titled Thousands Finish Peachtree Road Race.


  1. Well done Tim. It's cool they chose to interview you out of that many people and ran the clip on air. 

  2. Yeah Tim!!!  Great interview!!!

  3. Thanks Patrick! :)  I found out later on Tuesday that they ran another spot at 5:00 pm on the 4th that focused on just my daughters and I.  It is not online so we are anxiously waiting for a DVD :)