Anything But Good

This mornings run was anything but good.  I woke up very very tired and exhausted and not feeling like running.  I woke up at 4:38, a couple minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off at 4:40 so i was already feeling cheated.  I have not gotten much sleep this week so I am sure that is wearing on me.  Between the lack of sleep and the 10 miles on Tuesday, I just think my body is completely spent.

nevertheless, I was determined to get the 6 miles I had planned in so I took off.  I hit the road at 5:05 and every step was hard.  I was on my 6 mile route and just past 1.25 miles when my right ankle tweaked just a little bit.  It felt OK, but not 100% so I turned around at the 1.5 mile mark.  I was going to continue but didn't want to get as far from home as the 6 miler would take me in case something went worse.

Each mile.... OK tenth of a mile.... came and I just wanted to quit.  The two mile mark came (where things normally get better) and things didn't get any better.  I did keep going and just pushed through it.  It took everything in me, both mentally and physically to get to the 5 mile mark.  I wish I could have kept going, but I stopped at the 5 mile mark.  I did finish with a couple miles of walking though.

My ankle feels OK, but I will need to keep an eye on it over the next few days.  If you look at my running log you will see how this run went for me.  I just never was able to speed up like I usually do.

Hope all your runs have been good, but if not keep at it, because as we all know..... they will get bad, but they will get better!

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry you had 'one of those runs'.

    I hope you can get some rest.

  2. Sometimes that's the way it goes. Sounds like you need more rest Tim!

  3. I did take the rest of the day and tried to rest. My daughter called and asked me to run with her last night but I chose to ride the bike while she ran instead. Even though I planned to run I think I am going to make today an un-planned rest day. That plus sleeping in today and hope to be back at it strong tomorrow!

  4. The only thing worse than a training run that feels like this one did is when a race plays out in this manner.

    Have had a few 5-K's that went this route. Three miles is tolerable..... the 09 Country Music Half Marathon, however, was like this for me....


    Finished it but I shouldn't have. Enjoyed your story, hope things get better.

    New blogger here, just cutting my teeth. Also responded on your 2 BIG blog.

  5. Thanks 64 Classic for stopping by and commenting. Good luck on your new blog!

  6. Know the feeling.. had a few runs like that several weeks back... makes you really appreciate the great ones! Hang in there. --Alex