Our Trail Run - Podcasted

You will recall that I went for my first trail run this past Monday morning.  It was not only a trail run but was also a Tweetup with a few twitter friends.  One of the twitter runners that went was Ron aka:@losttrailrunner.  You may know Ron from the podcast called Lost Trail Runner.

Ron has been running since before many of today's runners were born, as he likes to put it, and has been podcasting for a while since he is up to episode 53 as of today.  If you haven't stopped by and given him a listen I recommend that you do.

The last two podcasts are of special importance to me.  The first one, episode 52, was recorded during our trail run on Monday morning, while in the second one, episode 53, Ron talks about his possible broken toe (from Monday's run) while he is giving it a test run. Why is this second one important to me you ask?  Why because my blog gets a mention and it makes me feel all special and everything.

I am sure Ron would love you to stop by his Lost Trail Runner Podcast.  You can subscribe to the Podcast via iTunes or any other RSS Reader/Podcatcher.

Are you a podcast listener while you run?  Or, like Ron do you record a podcast either while on the run or about running?  Either way, feel free to list your favorite running podcasts in the comments. (if you want to make sure your links work when posting click here)

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