Strands Review - The Winners!

The time has come and the winners have been chosen for the Strands Review Giveaway.  Winners were selected using and the results can be found below.

Thank you everyone for giving Strands a try and for stopping by my blog, I hope to see you back soon!

Below you will find the listing of all the entries, the order chose them, and what they won.

01. Greg's Transformation
02. Greg's Transformation - Tweet - 7 - Goodie Bag
03. Oz Runer ---------------------- 1 - Shoes!
04. Elaine
05. Dave -------------------------- 5 - Goodie Bag
06. Chad
07. Sean -------------------------- 6 - Goodie Bag
08. Kerrie T
09. MrsFishBread
10. Sarahmarie -------------------- 3 - Tech Shirt
11. ColinHeath -------------------- 4 - Tech Shirt
12. Brenna
13. Brenna - blog ----------------- 2 - Tech Shirt
14. Pam
15. Pam - blog

If you are one of the winners please send me your details to and I will pass them along to Strands who will be shipping your items out.  If you are the winner of the shoes please let me know which Mizuno shoes and size.  If you are a winner of one of the Strands Tech Shirts please let me know what size you need.

While you are here why not follow each of the profiles above and welcome them to Strands.  Each of their profiles are linked above.

*If I do not hear back from a winner by the end of the day Monday I will randomly select a replacement winner.

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  1. woo-hoo, new shoes! thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  2. Sweet! I'm getting a goodie bag! Thanks for the giveaway!