Mixing it up - Tempo run

I mixed it up this morning and drove to work and ran from there. My daughters needed to be at XC practice by 5:45 so I dropped them off and drove to work and ran. I have never done this before and so it was a completely new route.

My marathon training plan showed a 35 minute tempo run this morning. I normally would run a tempo run at about 30 sec off pace of whatever I was training for after a 1 mile warm up, but this morning I chose to go with a tempo run as defined by Hal Higdon in his marathon training plan which says "A tempo run is a continuous run with a buildup in the middle to near 10-K race pace"

I ran the first mile at a good warm up pace, then sped it up to near 10k pace for the middle two miles, followed by a mile cool down.  I was completely spent by the time I finished up the 4 mile run and got back to the office.

I had the locker room to myself when I got back to shower which was a good thing.  I like my co-workers but I would prefer not to shower with them.  Based on the experience I am sure I will do this again sometime soon.

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  1. I love that you have a locker room and shower at your offce - awesome.

  2. It is actually a full (small) weight room with the locker room and showers. I haven't taken advantage of it before this time but probably will start.