Publix Georgia Marathon Race Entry Selection

It has been a few days since the entries closed and so it is time to select a winner for the free Publix Georgia Marathon race entry.  March 18th, aka Race Day, will be here before we know it and thousands of people will be warming up along the streets of Atlanta, ready to take that 26.2 mile journey from being just a goal to a completed reality.

There is still time if you have not yet registered to run either the full or the half marathon.  If you are just now registering don’t forget to use the discount code 262QUEST to take $10 off the current registration price at the Publix Georgia Marathon Registration page.

A total of 82 entries into this Publix Georgia Marathon giveaway and it is obvious there are many runners that really want to take on this race.  If you have not taken the time to read through the comments there are some great stories that are well worth your time to read them.

GeorgiaMarathonWinnerFeb2012The random number generator gave the lucky number 48 which means the lucky winner is Christine Krauth for her comment about posting it to Facebook.  Congratulations Christine!  Please send me an email at so I can get you the information you need to register.

If you weren’t today’s winner, you will want to make sure you Circle 26.2 Quest on Google+, Like the 26.2 Quest Fanpage, follow on twitter at @262quest, and subscribe to the RSS Feed to make sure you are one of the first to find out about the next race entry giveaway.... yes, I said the NEXT race entry giveaway.


  1. Waiting for the next one :) Running like I won it, lol Grats Christine :)

  2. YAYAYAYYYYAYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!  She wanted this SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Man this girl is crazy awesome.... she went out with two of us who were running 12 and said she would try to keep up in case she won the entry - did her 12 and NOW SHE WON!!!!  Can you tell I'm a little excited for my friend!!?????

  3. Hey, thanks y'all!! I am so excited!! Gambling on winning a race entry is  a pretty great way to stay in shape :)

  4. What is the temperatures going to be doing in Georgia that time of year?

  5. Typically anywhere between 40's to 60's, but of course early in the morning it could be lower than that.