To Run or not To Run

Since seeing the Doctor last week I have not yet got up the nerve to get out for a test run. The pain I had last week when I woke up still seems to be lingering around a bit. It is not as bad as it was that first day, but I have had enough pain to not yet go out for my trial run.

The latest development in my collar bone injury has been the pain around where the pin was put in. I will avoid most of the details, but I have a pin in my collar bone and it protrudes a little on the top of my shoulder. For the most part this has not been too painful.... until this past Sunday. This past Sunday it started giving me sharp pains, some so bad that I had to actually check to make sure it had not poked through the skin. It felt like someone had stabbed my shoulder with a knife.

I am beyond getting anxious, I really want to get back out and run. Running has been on my mind, and I get frustrated when I cannot run. I have been thinking so much about running in this running hiatus that I even ordered me a new pair of running shoes. I didn't order my favorite shoes this time because the place I ordered them from didn't have my size, instead I ordered the New Balance 1123. We will see how these go. If they don't feel OK it looks like I may have to see them on eBay or maybe I should give them away here on my blog..... hmmm, we will see.

I am hopeful I will be able to start running again in the next couple weeks, wish me luck!

Tim Wilson -