Family Running Day

Today was a family running day at our house.  The morning started at 6:00 am when I woke my daughters, Payton and Ashlee.  We got ready and headed out into the very foggy morning by 6:30 am for a 6/7 mile run.

We started the run nice and slow to warm up a bit.  I always start my early morning runs off this way because I am usually out the door running less than 30 minutes after waking up and my body needs to warm up.  The run went really good and each and every mile we sped up the pace, even if ever so slightly.  You can see the pace and splits over at my running log.

We went 3 miles out and then turned around.  Today was a big day for Ashlee because it was a new distance PR of 6 miles.  To this point her longest run was just over 5 miles.  When we got home we dropped off Ashlee and Payton and I kept going for another 1.2 miles to round out a 7.2 mile run.  For Payton this was only the second time she has gone 7 miles so it was a good run for her as well.

Note to self.... it is getting hot and humid enough, time to break out the Body Glide. Why do I have to learn the hard way when it is time?  Enough said......

Brady, my 8 year old son, and I went out for a 2.1 mile run about 2:45 this afternoon.  He has been running off and on with me and in a running club at school and will be playing Football in the fall.  I want to keep him running, because it is good for him and he enjoys it most of the time.  He understands that he needs to run fast for Football so that is a help.  Our run went pretty good, at least the first mile did.  He started whining a bit during the second mile, but that was mainly because he hasn't run in a couple weeks and it has been even longer since he has run two miles with me......  Not to mention the almost 90 degree sunny heat.

Both of my daughters are getting ready to start XC summer conditioning in just over a week.  They are both well on the way, and both did very good in the just finished Track Season.

All three of my kids and I will be running the S.W.A.T. Trot 5k in the next couple weeks.  This is the race that I was tripped in 2 years ago when I fell and broke my collar bone.  It is also the race that Payton and Brady ran with me last year.  This year it will be Ashlee's first 5k race.

I love running with my kids, do you run with your kids?

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Side note: I am constantly getting others telling me they love to read about me running with my kids.  I am thinking of starting a family running blog at - if I do this I will be looking for others to post along with me about their family running.  Are you interested, or know someone that would be interested?  Do you think this is a good or bad idea?  Thoughts?