A Great Sunday Morning Seven Miler

This morning's run was a great run.  The past few weeks my daughters and I have started doing their long run on Sunday mornings before church.  This means a wakeup call of 6:00 which I am still a bit (happily) surprised.  We have run anywhere between 5 and 7 miles depending on which of my two daughters are running with me.

Ashlee, my 16 year old, just made it to 6 miles for the first time last week and then during this week started having trouble with her thigh.  Overuse injury?  Possibly.  We are resting/taking it easy to see how it goes.

Due to the possible injury Ashlee didn't run with us this morning, but Payton, my 14 year old, was able to go running with me.  We also had a friend from the Fleet Feet Lawrenceville Running Club who lives in our neighbor hood join us.  Sara is also a high schooler, but goes to a private school so doesn't run in track or XC.  She does however make up for it in other races she has run.  She has run at least one marathon, an ultra marathon, and at least on Tri.  She is running a Half Ironman this coming Saturday.  She is much more hard core than most high school aged girls (or boys!)

Our run went good and was actually at a decent pace.  I have run 7 miles below this pace many a times, but not recently, and not since my marathon in November.  The cutback in mileage (and few pounds added) after the marathon has slowed my pace a little, which I am just now starting to get back..... now if I can just drop those extra pounds.  I am sure the pace was as good as it was because of running with Sara.  The funny thing is we were probably holding her pace back. :)

I am really looking forward to a Tweetup Run in the morning.  This is the first time I have ever done this and the first time I will meet any of the group outside of Twitter.  Some time ago @Bamarunner contacted me saying that he was going to be in the Gwinnett area around Memorial day and was wondering if I would want to get together for a run.  Next thing I knew a few other local Tweeting Runners were joining us as well.  Last I knew this was the group - @Bamarunner,  @SamanthaUF,   @athletetraining,  @LostTrailRunner,  @aReyoUiN,  @urbansix,  @KimberlyWLee.  I was hoping to talk Payton into going with me but she made it really clear that she didn't want to get up that early.

If you are here looking for the winner of the giveaway please check back later tonight.  I will post the winner later tonight.

If you are not aware yet I have created a Facebook Fanpage.  There is a lot of good dialog going on over there and I would love to have you stop by, "Like" it, and join the conversation.  While there why not answer my latest question about running shoes and how long you run in yours.

Do you run with a group or by yourself?  How about your kids, are you lucky enough to be able to run with them?

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  1. I love that you run with your daughters. What an awesome way to spend quality time with them. I hope your daughter's thigh recovers quickly.

    I 'liked' your Fanpage!

  2. Thanks! I hope it does as well. It was hurting again tonight when she tried to run. Thanks for liking my fanpage. :)