A Group Run With Some High Schoolers

I know I haven't mentioned this here before, but I have been going to Fleet Feet Lawrenceville on Tuesday's following work to join in the Tuesday night group run.  It was tempo night tonight but everyone got a little confused and so most of the groups were running somewhat of an interval tempo run.

I took off with the lead group tonight, knowing that like normal I would probably lag behind just a bit during the speedier times, but that is what I need to do if I am going to speed up at all.  It turns out this group was a little smaller than normal, but three high school boys from Mill Creek High School showed up to run with the group.  I told them all they were going to have to take it easy on this old guy and not let me get too far back.  The first interval was good, and I didn't fall back too far, but then in the subsequent ones a couple of the guys started making me feel fast :)

It turned out that one of them had been sick and not running for the past couple weeks and by the time we got around the 2.5 mile loop the first time he was cramping pretty bad.  I had my son's ball game to head to so I went ahead and walked back to the store with him.

It turned out to be a good couple of miles with some mixed up tempo pace and recovery pace.  Our first mile was run at 7:45, the second at 7:47, and the last 1/2 was at about a 10 minute pace since he started hurting pretty bad during that time. Full Stats.

All in all a great day to run!

Do you run with any good group runs, with one or more runners, or do you do most of your runs by yourself?  I have almost always run by myself, but I do like it when I can get a run in with someone else as well.  I tend to push myself a bit harder and I like that about running with others.  Of course, hands down, I love running with my girls the most! :)

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Thanks for stopping by!

.....oh, and that game I went to was my son's first tournament game.... and they won 15-10!!!!

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I absolutely love running with my group! They motivate me and keep me on task:) I also run higher miles when I am with them...and for me that is fantastic. I really need to start banking more miles and turn it up a notch:) I would love to run with my daughters track team. She runs sprints but one of her friends is a distance runner. Those girls can move...they are busting out 5 to 6 minute miles:)

    Have a great week!

  2. You sound a lot like me, I just don't get the opportunity often enough. Not many others want to run at 5:00 am :)

  3. I love running with a group - especially for longer runs but since I'm a back-back-of-the-packer, I rarely have anyone who runs my pace so I usually run alone.

  4. Even being a back of the packer, running with a group will make you run further and harder than by yourself. Running with a group will almost always make you better!