The New Blog Design....

The years have gone by much faster than I expected, and the design of my blog is now showing it's age.  OK, I will admit, the design of the blog was showing the age on day one, but I was looking for something easy to set up, easy to maintain, and just all around easy.

After the past 2 1/2 years of looking at the same ugly site I have decided I want to take this blog to the next level.  It has become much more than I ever dreamed it would become.  It has seen me through hard times like when I was tripped and broke my collar bone, and it has seen me through good times like when I completed my first marathon.  Oh the stories this blog could tell if only I had recorded IT ALL!

What you see now is the beginning of what it will become.  I have a lot of plans that I will be implementing as I have time over the coming weeks.  Along with those changes you will also see a renewed sense of desire on my part to be posting on a more regular basis.

To start everything off I have something special coming in the next day or two...... no, I am sorry, I am not yet ready to tell you, but suffice it to say, there will be many people that will want a chance to win what I have been provided with to give away.  Keep your eyes on my blog and watch it as it transforms and you will be one of the first to have the opportunity to win.

Back to the blog design.... so what do you think?

(FYI...... No,  if you are reading this in rss, the image you see in this post is not the new design.)

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