Some Changes Are A Coming

I have been getting really tired lately of my blog template and decided that it is time to do something about it.  Over the next day or two you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised when you stop by 26.2 Quest.  I am looking for just a simple minimalist type template with nothing too fancy.  Although I do web development by day I really don't want my blog to take too much time when it comes to layout and design...... I want it to simply be about running.

Speaking of running, I have been slowly building my mileage lately (especially while running with the kids, which means some days are started with running and ended with running) and have been feeling some of the pains that go along with it.  I am hoping to break through these pains soon so I can move on to the next level.

Now for some excitement......

You will want to be watching my blog over the next couple days (and what better way to do so than subscribing or following) because I have something very cool that I will be giving away.  This is something that many runners use, and I am sure many runners would want to get their hands on.  I am not going to tell you what it is just yet, but make sure you tell everyone to stop by and be ready.

So, speaking again of templates, do you have any suggestions on where to find some really nice blogger templates?

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