Sony is sponsoring me in my upcoming marathon!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and so this post and announcement with all it's details is way overdue.  Lately my blog posts have been limited to modified versions of what was posted to my running log, or time sensitive posts that I felt were important enough to lose sleep over like my two daughter's recent XC time trial.

We all know what time of year it is, time for school to start, time for the kids sports to kick into the full on fall training, and of course marathon training.  All three of these have hit me harder this year then ever before, especially with both of my daughters running Cross Country this fall, and my son playing Football for the first time on the 9 year old team.  Looking at their schedules makes my marathon training schedule look like child's play. :)

Sony Walkman Runners
If you have been reading long you will remember in May I did a review and giveaway of the new Sony W Series Walkman® MP3 Player (pics).  Since that time I was contacted again and asked if I would be interested in Sony Electronics sponsoring me in an upcoming marathon.  Of course I was quick to say yes since I was already planning on running the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon again this November.

The details were ironed out and I was given the go ahead to register, the unfortunate part was that when I went to register, the Chickamauga was already sold out.  It sold out much faster than it did last year, and probably faster than it has ever sold out.  I was left scrambling and stressed as to what I was going to do.  I had already started training and  finding an earlier marathon would mean that I would have to progress much faster with my training and risk injury or burnout.

A running friend from our Tuesday Night Fleet Feet Running Group was very helpful and suggested I look into the Soldier Marathon in Columbus Georgia instead.  The race is an inaugural race and it turns out that it is running the same day as the Chickamauga so there is no need for changing any of my training schedule.  Sony agreed to the change and so I will be running the Soldier Marathon this November instead.  The main difference is that I will be heading South instead of North :)

I am really looking forward to running the Soldier Marathon and the experience of being sponsored by Sony Electronics.  Keep your eyes open and your ears perked because there will no doubt be a lot of chatter of my experiences.

Thank you Sony for the opportunity!

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