26.2 Quest - Marathoner In Training

I have been thinking for sometime about ways to take this blog to the next level.  I am ready to double my readers and wanted to find a way to take it from 5 to 10.  I know that is asking a lot, and shooting for the stars, especially since it had been a long time since I had dabbled in any MLM's.  The few that I did when I was younger no doubt made me wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.

I am sure if I looked up some of the marketing plans that were used in those MLM's and applied them to this blog, everybody would be reading blog.262quest.com and commenting daily, not to mention every race you ran you would find someone with 26.2 Quest singlets, hoodies, hats, and yes maybe even shoes.

What better way to outfit a thriving community but to start with hoodies!  CafePress is the online destination for custom hoodies, personalized t-shirts and even Valentine’s Day gifts so any blogger, business owner, coach, or parent of 17 kids looking to go on a field trip to McDonalds would find no place better to start than www.cafepress.com!

As you can see to the left they are very stylish, and they can even make me look good.  Don't worry about that look on my face, I would be smiling but I am still trying to figure out how many levels deep and wide that I should be taking this new pyramid scheme multi level marketing plan.

To start the ball rolling it is time to start sharing 26.2 Quest with everybody you know.  Send those e-mails, tweet about it, share the blog on Facebook or Share the Facebook Fanpage.  You do want to get in on the ground floor don't you?  If you forward this on to 100 of your friends and family I will track it and will send you 1 million dollars the very next day!

**Just incase..... I am NOT starting any kind of MLM and will NOT send you 1 million or even 1 dollar for sharing this with your friends.  I still would appreciate it, and be forever grateful if you did though.  CafePress provided me with this awesome hoodie and I am wearing it right now as I type this.  I AM thinking about starting to get some clothing/stickers/etc with this graphic on them soon and maybe even giving some of them away at some point either here or on my Fanpage.  If you would wear something with this logo or stick a sticker on your car let me know..... you never know!

Join me at any of the following locations!

Also - don't forget the awesome Yurbuds giveaway!!