Life Isn't Always About Running

These past few days have been interesting to say the least.  Some may be going stir crazy, but I am not sure that is how I would describe what has been going on in our house these past few days.

If you are from the Southeast what I am about to say is not news to you, and I am willing to guess most of the rest of the United States have heard and maybe even chuckled at our expense (unless you have been stuck in a airport somewhere because ATL has been closed as an airport, but open as an extended stay lodge)

As I mentioned in my last post about Snow Running With The Kids, we were hit Sunday night with one of the biggest snowstorms to hit Atlanta in many many years.  We got about 7 inches in all at our house, which is by far the most we have gotten since moving to Atlanta 11 years ago.

Since I grew up in Michigan, Indiana, and a little in Wisconsin snow is nothing new for me.  When we first moved to Georgia we used to laugh at those around here because they wouldn't go out when there was a little snow on the roads, but over the years we have begun to look at things through a different lens.  Does that mean that we are getting soft and just can't handle the real snow anymore?  Probably..... but I like to look at it from a little bit different angle.

One thing I have heard over and over again, and I fully agree with now is that Atlanta is just not equipped to handle snow like this.  Further, they are also not equipped to handle the ice we do often get at this time of year.  I am sure there are a few snow plows in Atlanta, but not enough to clear all the streets they need to clear and I am also sure there are salt trucks around, but 2 of them spreading sand doesn't do anything..... just sayin!

What I have come to understand and accept is that when we get hit with something like this in Atlanta the only thing we can do is wait it out.  We got the snow and then freezing rain right behind it.  The road crews never had a chance or a prayer.  Since that time we have not gotten above freezing other than by about 2 degrees for 2 hours yesterday.  The sun did not return till today so nothing was melting.  Today the temperatures have not gotten above 28 so the limited melting the sun was doing has not been enough to do what is needed to the roads in the neighborhoods.

What this has meant for us is that the kids have been off school for the past three days, and will be out again tomorrow.  I too have not been able to make it to work, with today being the first day I would have even been able to get up and out of the driveway because of the slope.

The other thing this has done is it has put a damper on our running.  We ran as a family (Ashlee, Payton, and I) the first day after the snow when it was still soft enough that we didn't risk much by the way of falling, but these last two days the ice and frozen ridges have just been too dangerous to get out and run in.  We may try to go out in a little bit and asses the situation but life isn't alway about running!

What do you think about how the south is with snow and ice?  Do you run in the snow?  What about the ice and ridges of frozen snow in the roads?

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  1. I thought the snow in the south was a huge story since yaw'll never get it like that. It had to take everyone by suprise. I like running in new snow because it's not as hard to navigate. But if you're a sidewalk or street runner, after a few days the snow gets piled up along the sides and almost impossible. Like you point out, its easy to turn an ankle too.

  2. Being from Colorado, I'm used to running in the snow. Snow can be peaceful, but ice and single digit weather challenge the spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jim - they told us it was coming, but they have told us that a lot of times, this time it was more than they called for for Atlanta the last I heard before it hit. You sound like you run in the snow often!

    Tyron - I am with you on the single digit weather, I am ok till the teens, which we get every once in a while here.

  4. Last winter had the most snow for us in a long time, but I kept getting out and running in it no matter what. At times it was dangerous, but it's what I had to do to train for my race in March. I kind of get tired of hearing people talk about how the south can't handle things ... like you said, there just aren't as many snow plows and chemicals for the roads. And where I live, there are hills and mountains where it's nearly impossible to get trucks. My in-laws are in Ohio and when I'm there when it snows, it's comical to me to see how many accidents are there. It's just as bad there as anywhere else that isn't used to snow.

  5. David - like you mentioned, we have some hills around here as well (not in the mountains) The streets and driveways were not designed for this type of weather so that coupled with the lack of equipment means that we just stay home.

  6. I like running in the snow. As for ice - no thanks. I would take both of those over the stupid wind we get here - it is always blowing here.

    Good luck with the weather and hopefully it will correct itself soon.

  7. I typically won't run in the snow unless I head out to a parking lot that was cleared, such as Walmart and run the parameter of the parking lot. There seems to be plenty of plows and salt trucks in Kentucky but it is hilly and most of the side street and back roads never get cleaned. So typically the kids are off school. It sounds like this weekend and early next week more snow showers are expected. Maybe if I embrace it, it won't happen.

  8. I escaped from snow jail and made it to work yesterday (and today). I am sure some of the parents and the kids home from school are getting a little stir crazy! I love the snow but about once a year is plenty for me :)

  9. I'm a Canuck...who no longer has access to a treadmill so running outside - no matter what the weather - is my only option. Like many, we have had a ton of snow over the last couple of weeks...I am so over it but suck it up. One day I will control the day....

  10. I run in the snow as well, I can't stay motivated to run on a treadmill. Freezing rain and extreme cold are about all that keeps me inside.

  11. I'm always amazed at how some communities are so inept at snow removal. But if you don't get it very often you don't have the equipment. I love love love running in the snow. As long as I'm dressed for it life is grand.

  12. I lived in Huntsville for a very long time, I know how people there freak with a snowstorm. I especially love how the grocery stores are sold out 2 days in advance of any storm. :)

    I'm kinda a cold, snow running wimp and love my treadmill, but sometimes you just gotta get out on the roads, even in the snow.

    Hope you're thawing out soon!

  13. Thanks everyone!

    C2Iowa - We can get some crazy winds around here at times too, but most of them are doable, just adding interest to the runs.

    Mike - I hope you are able to avoid the additional snow :)

    Karen - I am with you! Once a year is good for me too! The kids ended up being out all week here. I finally made it to the office today and took my girls with me so they could run on the treadmill :)

    Laura - When you control the weather let me know.... I would like to put in my order!

    Patrick - I ran on the mill today, it was ok for the first .25 miles :)

    ajh - Dressing for it is key, I don't get how many people try running in shorts in this kind of weather (I need to be warm!)

    Jill - It is fun watching them at the store. The crazy thing is that this week will give them even more reason next time :)

  14. I'm a Canuck...who no longer has access to a treadmill so running outside - no matter what the weather - is my only option. Like many, we have had a ton of snow over the last couple of weeks...I am so over it but suck it up. One day I will control the day....