Running The Trails & Win a Pair of YurBuds!

It won't be long before we will be BURIED under 2 inches of snow in the Atlanta area.  That being the case, and from what 2 inches of snow will do to the south I am glad I had the opportunity to hit the trials earlier this afternoon.  I run with my daughter a lot, but today she had a friend to run with so I was just the taxi driver, but while I was there why not get a good trail run in?  Do you run with your family?  If so, why not join me in a new community I am starting on Facebook - Family Running

I don't get out to the trails nearly as often as I would like to, so I took this opportunity as it was given to me.  I did get 8 miles in on the trails at a nice easy pace.  I kept it slow because these trails (Yellow River Park in Stone Mountain) have some hidden trippy things (aka: small cut off trees) that are hard to see when the trails are clear and almost impossible to see with the fallen leaves and pine straw.  It was a cold run with 31 degrees and kinda windy.  The wind however wasn't really a factor once I got back into the woods.  The highlight of the run was coming up on two deer in the middle of the trail.  I am sure I heard them scream "SPLIT UP" as they both pranced off in different directions.  I guess that was pretty good, that way I would only be able to catch one of them :)

On to the Giveaway.....

As promised a few days ago it is time to do another giveaway.  If you haven't had a chance yet to read my review of the YurBuds, it is worth the read.  There are a lot of people that feel the same way I do about them.  Head on over to the post and read it now..... but make sure to come back and enter to win your own pair!

What I have to giveaway is a pair of YurBuds up to a $29.99 value.  In the run I just spoke of above I wore mine once again and didn't have them wiggle free or even feel like they were going to fall out one time.

There are a few ways to enter.  The first way is required, and all the other ways are optional to get more entries.  Make sure you share this as much as possible because that is the way to get the best chance to win.

Additional Entries (1 each):
***Once you have done each of the above make sure you leave a comment here on the blog telling me what you have done.  Each comment will count as one entry and I will use to pick a winner.

The last entry will be accepted on January 19th and the winner will be chosen on January 20th.  I will send the winner a code via e-mail so they can order their Yurbuds directly from the website.

While you are here why not take a moment to check out some of the other places you can find me online below.  If you are interested in losing some weight, why not check out the book I am giving away on my other weight loss blog.