A Long Run Route Untraveled In Over A Year... & Yurbuds?

You gotta love a long run of 12 miles with negative splits! It was only a 1 minute negative split but I will take it after not running this distance since before the marathon and subsequent back issues. The first six miles were in 56:18 and the second six miles in 55:12.

It was 50 degrees and sunny with winds from 20-27 mph when the run started and of course they seemed to be directly in my face most of the time. I ran a long run route that I have not run since training for last years marathon. It was nice to see some old roads that I have not run in nearly 18 months. When I got back home the temperatures were 47, with a feels like temperature of 41, but still felt good to be out there sweating with just my shorts and t-shirt.  Looking at the forecast and my schedule it looks like it may be the last run I get in like this for a little while.

I am starting marathon training a little late in the game and should be up to 16 miles today, but since I just made the decision last week to run this marathon (nope, I am not telling you which one yet), and had not run a double digit run since the marathon I didn't want to start back too aggressively and risk an early injury. I started this Monday with a 10 mile run with my daughter, but I intentionally didn't run with a plan and instead just tried to run each day and build some mileage to give me a starting point.

I bought a new MP3 player for my son for Christmas, but then we found a better one for him so I decided I would just keep this one since the last couple ones I had died on me recently.  This is only the third time I have run with it and the second time it locked up on me.  The first time I had to do a complete reset, and so far this time that hasn't even worked.... I guess back to Amazon it goes!

A few months ago I was sent some Yurbuds to try out and write up a review.  I have been delayed and didn't get a chance till recently to give them a try.  I was a little apprehensive because I don't like the iPod type earphones because they hurt and don't stay in my ears very well.  I always opt for the in-ear headphones for both these reasons, but I do find myself constantly pushing the in-ear headphones back into my ears during my runs.

I started trying these out and the first time I ran in them I intentionally didn't touch them, even though they felt like they were going to fall out.  They never did fall out, although I realized I hadn't put them in and twisted them correctly which is why they felt like they were going to fall out.  Each time I have wore them since then they have not felt like they were going to fall out even one time, and in fact I didn't even feel like they were in they were so comfortable.

One thing I noticed immediately is how good they sound.  I am not sure if it is because I normally run with cheap headphones that I buy online from China, or because these are really that good.  The sound was rich, but yet at the same time I could hear my surroundings just fine.  I only had trouble hearing what was being played a couple times when the 30 mph wind was whistling in my ears during todays run.

I ran with these on today's 12 mile long run and they didn't feel like they were going to fall out even one time.  They even outlasted my MP3 player :)  I did have my phone with me so I was able to switch to Pandora for the rest of the run so they got the full 12 mile test.  I determined today during that run that these are officially my new favorite earbuds...... or should I say Yurbuds?

Since the time I have received these I have noticed they have started to sell them at the local running store.  I am starting to see them more places, however they do a custom fit service online for them because you want to make sure they fit when you buy them if you want to make sure they stay where they need to and are comfortable.  If you would prefer to do the local purchase I recommend trying to get sized before buying them.

They also offered for me to do a giveaway, however I am not going to do that today.  I need to check with them to make sure the code they sent me has not expired because of my tardiness.  Once I find out that it is still a go I will be sure to come back and do a giveaway so stay tuned!

Just to be sure you don't miss that giveaway, make sure you click on the icons below and follow me at any of the below options.  You will get the most for your money if you "like" my Facebook Fanpage, via Google Friend Connect, or by RSS Feed, but any way would be appreciated.  How else do you think you are going to find out what marathon I am going to be doing in the spring?


  1. I really like the yurbuds. They are the only ones that fit my apparently wierd-size ears : ) Good luck in your training!

  2. I may have to try the yurbuds. I do not like the headphones that come with ipods either.

  3. I thank! Marathons happen different... Подробне I will write in twitter

  4. Where can you purchase these? I'm in need of new ipod headphones, my v-moda's are lost somewhere.

  5. I have seen them at my local Fleet Feet and I think they are available at other places like Best Buy or stores like that. They are also available at Amazon.com

  6. I got a pair of Yurbuds ... was sized at a race expo but didn't feel like slapping down the cash that day so I ordered them online a few weeks later.
    I've been pretty happy with them so far. Sometimes they do feel like they might fall out but so far they haven't.

  7. I heard back from them today and the code is still good, so stay tuned in the next couple days for a giveaway!

  8. I bought Yar Buds but then I got injured and really haven't used them. When I get back into long training I will have to get them out!

  9. I'm glad the Yar Buds are working for you. I also have a hard time with earphones staying in and not hurting my ears.

  10. If I start sweating at all, those earbuds that come with the iPods instantly fall out. I use ones that wrap around my ears, which get annoying when I have my running sunglasses and my cap on, so may need to check these out! Thanks, Tim!

    Nice job on the negative splitting - woot!!!

  11. Hmm...my Sennheiser MX75s are finally giving up the ghost after about 2 years. It might be time to try something new.

  12. Just an FYI for everyone - the giveaway has gone live - Check it out