I Rounded It Up To 13.1 To Get An Even Number

Cold, wet, rainy, windy, icy, long 13.1 mile run.  That is really enough to explain this run, but you know me.... I am not one of few words, so I will continue. (like you thought for a moment that I wouldn't)

I was really not feeling the motivation and was really having a hard time getting out of the door for this run. I missed my run yesterday because life and family took precedence.  I was feeling much more motivation after about a mile of running and was in the groove after a couple miles when the rain started to come. I am a wimp and I had wished after about 1/2 mile that I had wore gloves. It wasn't horribly cold at 42 degrees but the wind was blowing pretty good making for some very cold hands.

It rained the entire rest of the run, but started to slow to more of a sprinkle at about mile 10 so the last 3 miles were not so bad.  About 4 miles in I had decided that I would go ahead and round this 12 mile run up and make it a half marathon just so I could get to an even number. I ran it as an out and back making the route up as I went.  I wanted to make sure I didn't change my mind and I wouldn't be able to once I got to the turn around point.

I started the run with a Blueberry Pomegranate GU from the Roctane line that I was sent recently to try out.  I am usually a plain GU type of person, but I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked the flavor.  I threw another GU, this time the new Cherry Lime flavor of the Roctane line, into my pocket for the mid-way point and hit the road.  I wasn't sure what to expect at the halfway point when I pulled it out, but I enjoyed it and best of all didn't get any on me :) more about GU below

I was surprised how much ice is still on the sidewalks. I would have thought all of it would be gone by now, but I guess that is just a testament to how thick the ice was on some of these sidewalks. Of course, this was in shady areas, but still should have been gone by now considering the temperatures these past few days.  The roads are mostly clear now, but every once in a while along the side of the road I will have to run inside the white line because the ice is still covering all of the shoulder.

I finished off 13.1 and it felt great! It is funny how low motivation almost always turns into a great run.  I could have kept going which is a good place to be in.  My splits were good. I haven't stopped to add it up, but I was very close to doing this long run with negative splits if I didn't actually do it.

As soon as I got home I whipped out my GU box again and dug for some recovery drink.  I pulled out a GU Recovery Brew which I have never had before.  The flavor I chose was the Strawberry Watermelon.  I am not  sure if I just didn't read the directions right or just am a moron (it could be some of both) but I ended up with some undissolved residue when I was done shaking it up.  It didn't matter how much I shook it I just couldn't get the rest to dissolve.  What did dissolve actually tasted good and wasn't chalking at all.  I was surprised how good one of the little chunks even tasted :)

Speaking of GU - Have you used GU before?  Do you like GU? If you have tried it and love it or if you would like to try it you will want to make sure you click on every link below to make sure you follow me every way possible so you will be the first to know if....... you know....... just incase........ You know it is 26.2 training season once again and everybody needs their GU!