Running Hurts

An anonymous writer once wrote "The truth is that running hurts".  I have a lot of running quotes that I like a lot, but that is one of my favorites and earns a spot on both my personal Facebook Quotes, as well as on my Facebook Fanpage.

Over the past couple weeks I have been building my mileage and running nearly everyday like I did before the marathon.  Since I had taken a little time off immediately following the marathon and then again after the back pain my mileage had dropped back quite a bit.  Now that I have committed to my next marathon, which I am behind in training for incase you are wondering, I am in the mode of trying to build back my mileage pretty quickly.

I have been being very careful not trying to do too much too quickly and I feel like I am comfortably within those boundaries.  This is precisely the reason why I am not looking at the marathon plan right now.  I don't want to get tempted to try and run what is currently on the plan for at least another week to 10 days.  I am fairly certain that if I tried to do that I would end up injured pretty quickly.

Since I am back in the building phase to get back up to some decent long run mileage, as well as running nearly every day I am feeling all kinds of little nagging pains and am quite exhausted most of the time.  I am sure this will  work it's way out in the next couple weeks but for right now I am being reminded constantly by my body that it is not happy with me for doing this crazy running thing.

I realize I am playing in the proverbial street with trying to build my mileage back so quickly so I am really "watching for cars" so to speak.  I am paying really close attention to every ache and pain and that is the reason I will be taking an unplanned day off tomorrow.  My ankle started hurting ever so slightly this morning during my horrible 4 miles.  I am playing it safe and will rest the ankle tomorrow and see how it feels on Saturday.

A couple things to note:

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