Virtual 5K - The Boring Way!

A few weeks ago I signed up to run a Virtual 5K today.  Adam from The Boring Runner is the race director for The Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K and I am sure there will be a wonderful time had by all.  I had big plans for today's race, maybe get up late, eat a lot right before the race, over-hydrate and skip using the facilities, overdress so I am hot the entire time, and maybe even go out too fast so I can writhe with pain the rest of the way.

Things didn't work out quite the way I wanted to and this race became even more virtual than I originally intended. My ankle has bothered me a little bit over the past couple days and I didn't want to risk hurting it further.  I did get up late, ate a lot, drank lots of coffee, and overdressed, but never laced up my running shoes.  The virtual 5k was one of my harder races to date, but mainly from the mental aspect of it and not the physical.  I figured since I was going to make it a strictly virtual race that I might as well race somewhere where I have always wanted to race.  I have always wanted to race a destination race so I closed my eyes and off I went.

While virtually running I searched for some great pictures to capture the day but all of them turned out the same.  I am not not sure why they didn't turn out but maybe it had something to do with the virtual nature of the run, or the virtual camera was just broken.  I really hate this because it was by far the best destination run I have ever participated in.  I included one of the pictures above just in case you can see something that I can't.

I am sorry I missed actually hitting the road, but I am still happy to say that I participated in The Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5K, even though it was much more virtual than Adam had intended.

If you read the review I wrote the other day about the Yurbuds and thought you may like to try out a pair don't miss tomorrows post.  I will be giving away a set to one lucky winner, a $30 value!  To make sure you know when the post hits make sure you subscribe below using your favorite method (or all of them if you just can't decide)

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