Why Is My Thigh Doing This?

This morning I woke up just before 5:00 am and got myself ready to run.  Everything was just as any other morning when I head out to run, everything but my thigh.  I started by asking the question "Why is my thigh doing this?" when that really is not a question at all.

As you are aware I am in the middle of training for the Publix Georgia Marathon, which is just over a month away now.  I was behind on the training for the marathon when I committed to run it which we will not go into right now, and so I am in desperate need to build my mileage and build it fast.  I am an avid believer that building your mileage too fast will set you up for injury, something I am very in tune with and trying to avoid each day.

I have already decided that I will not be trying to set any records at this marathon as there will be plenty more to come that I can go for the next PR at.  I instead am going to use a very conservative plan to get me across the finish line, happy and injury free.  I am sure there are many of you that don't understand running a race if you don't aim to better your time and run your best race possible, but I also know there are many others of you out there that fully understand that sometimes we have to make the call to be wise and not fast, which still has the same ultimate goal of running your best race possible.

Running to win is not always translated as running fast, sometimes slowing down and running smart is the only way you will truly win the race.

You see, I could go out and keep pushing the mileage and try to get to the starting line ready to pull out my next sub-4 marathon, but doing so will almost certainly cause me to pull something much more painful long before ever getting to the starting line at all.

I had gone through all the trouble of dressing for the 27 degrees this morning, and walked out to my starting point.  Only moments later I find myself walking back home after less than a tenth of a mile.  I wasn't in so much pain that I couldn't run, but my thigh was sore enough that I knew running the 4 miles I had planned would make it worse and not better.  I am not injured, but rather just at that level between sore and injury.  I know the feeling is more than just a little "let's go run through it sore" This feeling is more of a "you have been building your mileage a bit too aggressively" sore.

If I am smart I can avoid injury and still make it to the starting line injury free.  Times like this morning are critical in that quest, even though all I really wanted to do was run.

What are your thoughts?