After A Nice Rest - Let's Go Running

I haven't run in a week to try and give my thigh a nice rest from the consistent nagging pain.  With the pain I had been having following every run that took a day or two to get over I thought it was time for a forced rest.  At the time, the Publix Georgia Half Marathon was just over two weeks away so I decided that was the best time to take the break.

The thigh has been feeling good almost the entire time, but I knew that wouldn't be the case if I would try to run.  The pain was typically only there if I ran but even though I didn't feel the pain each day I knew I still needed to give it at least a week.

I went out following work last night for two miles to give the legs and thigh a test.  I intentionally went out really slow and for only two miles because I didn't want to rouse anything that I would be sorry for later.  The weather was great at just under 60 degrees.  It had rained and poured all day, but cleared up by the time I got home to give me only wet roads and puddles to run through.

It was a little tight and the first few steps stretched it in a way that it hadn't been stretched since last week when I last ran.  This worried me at first, but then the tightness and slight pain went away for the rest of the run.  I didn't look at the watch at all, and just ran really easy as a test run.

At the end of the two miles I wanted to keep going but made myself stop because I didn't want to tempt fate and mess up a good thing.  I will get some more miles in over the next week, but for now I will be happy with just starting slow and short.

Oh the joys of injury, how do you cope with returning after an injury, regardless of how small?